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Arnold Karskens (1954) is an investigative journalist and a war correspondent. In his plus 25 year career he has visited more than 30 different conflict zones. He has covered conflicts as diverse as El Salvador, the Philippines, Northern Ireland and Angola. He also covered the Iraq-Iran war in 1987, and he was the only Dutch journalist in Baghdad at the beginning of the Second Gulf War in January 1991. He was in Baghdad during the Third Gulf War in March and April of 2003. Up till 2006 he was the only Dutch journalist covering 'unembedded' the war in the Afghan Province of Uruzgan.

In addition to his work as a war correspondent, he has spent much time uncovering and publishing information about Dutch war criminals and Dutch businessmen who've ignored International sanctions and illegally exported weapons to war zones. Thanks to his research, Dutchman Frans van Anraat was sentenced to 15 years in prison in December 2005, for delivering the precursors for mustard gas, tabun, and sarin gas to Iraq in the 1980s.

He writes for the De Pers and works for Dutch and Flemish radio and television. He has published five books. In his magnum opus "Pleisters voor de ogen" - "Plasters for the eyes", he wrote the history of Dutch war correspondents from the Eighty Years'War (1586-1648) until modern times.


1984 - El Salvador
Visiting ERP guerrillas, members of the People's Revolutionary Army.



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